Gigaforce streamlines Subrogation & Recovery process for better results

Gigaforce solution deliver’s a real time unified views & track the status of claims, gets collections information so fast for you to speed up recovery to improve bottom line, manage netting and chipping, supports AI/ML-based document redaction, and enrich your claims data all with one platform.

Gigaforce provides an unprecedented way to bridge your claims movement across different core and homegrown systems.

Gigaforce solves:

  • Data complexities by structuring data across heterogeneous system
  • Eliminates communication barriers between entities
  • Removes Silo’s and eliminates unnecessary delays
  • Lowers claims cost due to loss of information as it progresses between entities & channels

Gigaforce as a Claims Subrogation Unifier

Increase recoveries and lower recovery costs

Gigaforce Distributed Ledger architecture model enhances payment processing functionality & applies payment to applicable claim / coverages and processes by integration with financial applications.

Gigaforce integrates with 3rd party data like policy information, mailing address, vehicle information, driver information to improve recoveries,  oversight and efficiencies with reduce costs

Value Proposition

  • Improve recoveries
  • Improve subrogation management, oversight and efficiencies
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize manual check processing and accelerate payment posting

Gigaforce bring value to your world

  • Increases efficiency and reduced cycle time through digital workflow and mobile technology with chain integration
  • Improves business efficiency with automated document redaction (PHI and PII Data)
  • Immutable Audit Trail
  • Provides transparency and visibility (360-degree) for quick recoveries
  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA) driven claims extraction and submission of Arbitration
  • Result-driven Analytics and dashboards
  • Provides comprehensive scoring models and Contention builder Integrates and enriches recovery data