Distributed Ledger Network (DLT)

Seamless sharing of FNOL/Claim file to Carriers, TPAs, Subrogation, Attorneys, Reinsurers, Brokers & Recovery. All activities and data updates on claims cases across communication channels are available on a real-time basis to all concerned parties, based on the appropriate level of access control.

Smart Contract

A predefined permission and access-based contract engine for each business partner within the chain.  This provides an inherent risk mitigation mechanism and regularly monitors with proactive alerts for adverse events and fraud.

Automation of tasks with code-based digital contracts with minimal or no human intervention reduces processing and conventional contract costs.

Claims Management

Unified views of data enable claim stakeholders to collaborate across the claim lifecycle from intake, with defined service responses and automation to streamline processes, enabling faster resolution times and better customer experience.

All the business partners in the ecosystem have similar visibility across the claim lifecycle boundary, with each action and activity shared without latency.

Digital Content & Case Management

Powers the entire ecosystem, providing real-time updates across Insurers /TPAs/Subrogation/Brokers and Legal with a single digital record.

From first notice of loss to settlement and recovery, the core functions are customer focused, digitally enabled, efficient and timely, while delivering new insights through AI/ML continuous improvement methods.

Document Redaction

Leverages sophisticated redaction capabilities, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for unstructured digital content or direct processing with NLP data.

Throughout the lifecycle, intelligent algorithms combine the full results from all of your documents to create an intelligent sum of information that boasts higher quality than any one individual source. This capture includes raw details, spatial characters, and other details important to processing.

File Split

Logically splits documents and other unstructured data based on embedded value and meaning with ML features for best OCR and data extraction.

Ability to create and maintain distinct files, including options to create one for communications concerning the merits of the claim and one for communications concerning coverage, with different claims personnel assigned to each file.

Data Insights & Enrichment

Once the pipeline understands and organizes your data, the Gigaforce machine learning models and natural language processing tasks immediately make the data available for your use.

You can further enhance and enrich your claim datasets by fusing them with the Gigaforce suite of predictive analytics models and connecting it to data from a third party.

Gigaforce auto-extracts data with accuracy and implements quality assurance, both automated and human, throughout every step of the process. Data is absorbed directly into your operations for immediate use, backed by Gigaforce commitment to near-perfect data.

Legal Office

Enhanced collaboration across legal offices enables increased visibility into claim status, costs and legal firm performance, with positive outcomes and reduction in processing delays.

Enhanced billing compliance with easy and proactive workflows, configurable rules and automated bill review.

Chipping & Netting

We build customized workflow for negotiation and agreement between parties for any disputes, build consensus, automate payment, and maintain a ledger in real time.​

The Gigaforce AI/ML-driven model is built in to determine possible disputes before negotiation to avoid time- consuming steps.