Why Gigaforce

Gigaforce is a patent pending SaaS (Service as a Service) based platform designed to expedite complex Subrogation & Recovery claims processing in the Insurance industry

Inherent within the DNA of the platform is security, immutability, auditability and usage of standardized protocols used by the Subrogation process or as a stand-alone module.

The Gigaforce platform seamlessly bridges Insurance Carriers, TPAs, Subrogation Agencies, Collection Companies and Law Firms to improve subrogation outcomes for all.

The platform DNA provides secure and transparent tracking of all information and documents associated with the claims and related financial transactions including artefacts, notes, FNOL details documents, metadata and status to improve subrogation outcomes for all authorized parties.

Cutting Edge Technology
For Quick Vendor(s) Enablement
Real Time Data
Visibility And Auditability
Digital Workflow & Payment Processing
AI/ML Driven
Data collection and analytical capabilities
Data Enrichment & Value Added Services
Data Redaction, File Split, 3rd party Integration
Data Scrub
Digital Robotics Process Automation(RPA)

Value Proposition

Gigaforce combines heterogeneous data, provides AI/ML driven predictive data models and DLT (Blockchain), specialized expertise, and customized services to create the Subrogation solution that is right for your organization.

  • Unified, Trusted & Secured View of Subrogation & Recovery Lifecycle
  • Transparency, Visibility, & Operational Efficiency
  • Immutable Audit Trail
  • AI/Ml Driven Models & Advanced Analytics
  • Smart Contracts with seamless pass through for Claims, Recovery, Legal & Financial
  • Data Enrichment & Integration with Core Industry Applications
  • Shared Ledger For Triaging/ Settlement/ Negotiation/Arbitrage between Stakeholders
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Gigaforce | Digitization Beyond Border

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Claims Processed





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claims recovery sent to Subrogation

Our Platform

Distributed Ledger Network (DLT)

Seamless sharing of FNOL/Claim file

Data Enrichment & Value Added Services

Expanding data collection and analytical capabilities

Legal Office

eBilling, Case Management

Document Redaction

Sophisticated redaction capabilities for unstructured digital content.

Smart Contract

Agreed-upon contract with automate Netting & Chipping with automated reconciliation.

File Split

Data Read from OCR and Split into Structure Format.